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Descriptions of the meanings and significance of the different colors and poses of lucky cat figurines

Right Paw inviting money and good fortune. [per Feng Shui]
Both Paws protecting home or business. [per Feng Shui]

Left Paw inviting customers or people. [per Feng Shui]

Bib and Bell healthiness and material abundance. [per Feng Shui]
Calico Cat traditionally the luckiest cat of all. [per Feng Shui]
Green Cat sometimes health or educations/studies. [per Feng Shui]
White Cat purity, positive things to come.  [per Feng Shui]

Black Cat
wards off evil and stalkers. [per Feng Shui]
Golden Cat intense wealth and prosperity. [per Feng Shui]
Pink Cat love, relationships and romance. [per Feng Shui]

Red Cat love, marriage and personal matters. [per Feng Shui]

BLUE cats promote intelligence and academic success.
Also wisdom and career success.  [per Feng Shui]

YELLOW cats beckon for good health, stability, & good marriages.  [ per  Feng Shui ]

GRAY cats support safe and enjoyable travel & attract helpful people.  [per Feng Shui]

PURPLE cats promote prosperity.  Also wealth, lifestyle, & opportunity.  [per Feng Shui]

This set of 7 Nekos represents the “Shichifukujin“, also known as “The Seven Deities of Good Fortune” – a group of immortals very popular in Japan.  Each member has a different origin, carries a different symbolic item, & represents a different kind of good luck:

[1]  Ebisu – god of success in all honest labor, carries a lucky “Tai” fish, bringing special luck to fishermen.

[2]  Daikokuten – god of wealth & prosperity, carries a magic mallet.

[3]  Fukurokuju – god of wisdom.

[4]  Bensaiten – goddess of music, arts, beauty, & fertility, carries a Japanese “biwa” mandolin.

[5]  Bishamonten – god of protection & religious zeal, carries a pagoda of treasures.

[6]  Jurojin – god of longevity.

[7]  Hotei – Japanese & the most popular of the 7 god of contentment & happiness.

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