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Be an Expert in Collecting Antique Chinese Porcelain Pieces

Want to have the real gems that will adorn your newly refurbished living room? If this is your pet project in the coming weeks, then consider antique Chinese porcelain pieces. These are glamour pieces that are perfect accents to any homes. And the rarer these pieces, the better bragging rights you have. But that’s where most of the issues from collectors arise. Some of the collectors often complain that they are being duped in the purchases.

They are made to believe that what they got was genuine and rare, yet upon verification what they get instead are poor imitations. This is a serious issue and this should not happen to you. In order for you to avoid the usual pitfalls of these collectors, it is recommended that you follow some of the tips below in buying and collecting porcelain pieces.

• When shopping for porcelain pieces, you need to take note of the other product lines of the sellers. Is he selling all genuine pieces, or are there other fake items in the listing? If there are some fake items, then be careful since what you are aiming at could be just a reproduction. Reproduction is an important word in the business. This is not an antique, yet it cannot be considered as fake as well. You will know that you are at the receiving end of a fake one if the seller tries to pass the porcelain as a genuine antique. There is deception here since it’s his intent to pass it up as antique.

• You need to remember two things if you can notice that there are a lot of antique reproductions in the seller’s display area. One, it could be that the seller has no knowledge in determining which one is the newly crafted and the antique. And secondly, it could be that the seller is not saying the truth and you have to be wary of this.

There are some tricks and tips that you should know too when dealing with an experienced seller porcelain antiques. One thing that doesn’t fail is to ask and to probe. Sometimes these sellers will just tell you that the Chinese porcelain pieces are antique, and it’s because the previous seller told them so! Also it is best if they have some rules on returning a product just in case you found out in the end that the porcelain is not genuine.

If the seller has no return policy and will not accept returns even though the article is not genuine, then there’s a high chance that even at the start the seller thinks that the article that he is selling is not an antique at all!

And finally, reconsider anything related to provenance. If the seller says something about this, then probably it’s not true. Remember that antique Chinese porcelain pieces are priced well in the market, so it can be expected that sellers will always do their best in order to make a tidy profit in the market. So don’t fall into their traps; make sure that you know how to locate these prized porcelain pieces.

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