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Porcelain Doll Collecting Can Be Good For Your Child

Childhood is all about learning, but for learning to become effective, one has to inject an element of fun into the process. It has long been held that enjoyable hobbies involving music, art and physical activity can help a child’s brain to develop a “wiring” that can prove beneficial to a child as he grows. So if you are a porcelain doll collector, it might be a grand idea to incorporate into your child the hobby of porcelain doll collecting.

The best age to start in developing your child’s love for porcelain dolls is at 2 years old. Just keep in mind that you should not allow your child to handle the porcelain dolls for long periods of time. For now, settle with showing the dolls to your child and explaining the reasons why you picked the particular model for each one. It’s recommended that you tell your child some stories and use the dolls as the characters. This way, the child can get a kick out of them. You have to be extra creative to maintain your child’s interest in the hobby at least until he or she reaches the age of 7; by then, it’s perfectly all right to allow the child to handle the dolls.

It’s also important that you uphold the virtue of cleanliness to a child as he or she grows up. This can be done by showing them that you make it a point to wash your hands before handling the porcelain dolls and then asking them to do the same thing. Showcase to them the proper way of handling the dolls so that they’ll develop the skill as they grow up.

It’s recommended that you choose the cheaper models for your child at first, and give them the impression that the quality of the dolls they acquire are in accordance with his or her age. This way, a cumulative association is formed in each of the child’s succeeding years, helping the child identify better the value of each porcelain doll that he or she comes across.

But of course, once your children are old enough, it will be up to them which types of porcelain dolls to choose for themselves. Go with them to a porcelain doll store that has a lot of choices. This should ensure that a large part of their aesthetic dimensions is tapped into. An e-shop for porcelain dolls can also be of big help since the Internet gives your children the opportunity to sort through a wide range of models without the risk of accidentally breaking them.

Children can develop a keen eye for detail if he really gets into the hobby. As such, their minds can be more capable of analytical thinking due to the processing of information that comes about in the appraisal of each porcelain doll that they see.

And most important of all, you get to create a bond with your children while sharing the hobby with them. This just proves that the benefits of porcelain doll collecting to children far extend from the ones that involve their brain development.

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