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Figurine – An Art Form

Figurine refers to the human made statuettes and the dictionaries describe the word as a diminutive form of the word figure. Earliest figurines are said to be made in the Indus Valley Civilization and they were all in stones. Although it is not exactly known as to why man made figurines, it is sure that in one way it was the graduation from the cave paintings and sketches perhaps out of artistic interests or because of awe and wonder for the supernatural powers that he could perceive. Figurines in the modern day are more a form of art than anything else.

Figurines were used for a variety of purposes. While some were used to serve as deities in religious and ceremonial occasions, some of the figurines depict special purposes. This means that a woman gifted with figurine of “pregnant Venus” implied wishing successful fertility. Since figurines are mainly female figures, so they make great gifts in wedding and other rituals. The figurines are also meant to amuse children who spend their time playing with them. Some of the figurines also serve as jewelry for women.

Different Faces of Modern Figurines
In the present day art form, copper, glass, plastic, wood and even rubber are used in making figurines. In the recent history, figurines are adopted for playing board games such as chess. Players use differently colored figurines while playing the war game as in chess. Each piece in the game is a figurative replica of its live model.

Today, figurines made of plastic and porcelain are popular for their adoptability to molding easily than stone which needs to be carved as the only form of making them and glass, although is best suited for molding, is rather used in making transparent figurines.

Unlike the ancient times you can find figurines of all types and subjects to suit your needs and the ambience of your home and offices. It may not surprise you to find figurines made especially for occasions like for example, the Valentine’s Day or the Christmas Day. The most attractive and much in demand figurines belong to wildlife and floral designs.

Figurine Collecting Hobby
Internet has made life simpler for figurine collectors. Locating an interesting figurine over the net has a second advantage that you can purchase online. You can find specialist shops for themed figurines like Hummels, a very popular one whose value has always appreciated.

Normally Curio cabinets made of wood and glass are used for showcasing figurines, otherwise depending on your home’s décor and size of the figurines they can be displayed on table tops and corner tables too.

If it was a mixed feeling of awe and respect in addition to artistic inclination that gave birth to figurines but what takes it to a higher plane of merchandising is the awareness created by the Internet era.

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